by Birthplace

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8 tracks self-recorded during winter 2015 in Norrköping, Sweden.


released January 16, 2015

Thanks to Johan Wilmer for mixing and mastering.



all rights reserved


Birthplace Norrköping, Sweden

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Track Name: Spontaneous Prose
did you know what to come? staying home all summer long. just waiting for something better to come along. while searching for god, in your fathers car. somewhere on the road far from home.

all i see here are hollow eyes. all the people here are hollow now.

did you think of me as your friends waited out on the streets yelling for you to hurry? did you even for a second hesitate in the doorway?
Track Name: Loud Mornings
i've been hiding in my room, buried beneath the blankets. i've been carrying this for so long on my shoulders, my back is fucking breaking. and everything reminds me of her.

waking up late, brown hair all over my face. i'd do anything to be there with you.
Track Name: Late Evenings
it's been a year since i saw your face but now all i do is stare at my own feet. i lied to all my friends i'm over you. "it's nothing don't worry mom, i'm through".

if i would stay with you, you'd have to promise me to never wake up sad because i will be the one of us to always stand for that.
Track Name: Honey
tell me again how you felt that night out by the lake. far from home, all alone. and your pale feet dipped into the water. and if i could i'd go back. because that night meant more to me than you will ever know or understand. i'f i could i'd be there.

(you grew up so fast while i just stayed the same)
Track Name: Basement Song
i remember sneaking out at night. holding my breath while closing the door. we were just kids back then. and i remember when you said "maybe this will never happen again". i don't think you knew how right you were.
Track Name: S.U.N.
why do you call me out in the middle of the night when you know as well as me that i won't bend for any of your fucking speeches that i never really listened to. i'll just stay in bed, listen to my favorite records all day. i'll just stay in bed counting hours passing in my head. so spare me all the talk and your sympathies because tomorrow i'll be on a plane going south. away from you and i and all those unkept promises.
Track Name: Winter Blues
the november cold is here now. you in your big jacket. another indifferent morning walk to school. got to get out, but making up reasons to stay in. and their talk make me feel like i'm home on vacation. and when i'm away i spend my days waiting.

wish i was there with you. smoking cigarettes, taking the long way to school. and when you told me "life's tragic" i wished you were just being overdramatic.
Track Name: Tired
and i've learned now that escaping is just faking. i'm better of letting my avoiding smile be my most honest answer. i'm tired of being alone, tired of saying that everything's wrong. walking around with a headache all day. holding onto my very own personal hell.

and i've learned now that hiding is just a making of excuse to not have to step over the line dividing me from you.